Vail Daily letter: Vote for experience |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for experience

As past president and school board member I have been watching this election season closely. And although I am excited by the enthusiasm of the candidate field I want to take the time to highlight two candidates that stand out in the crowded field based on their experience and track records.

Those candidates are Tessa Kirchner and Felicia Battle. Felicia stepped up when I resigned from my seat on the school board. She has been an exceptional board member the past nine months and has spent the time necessary to get up to speed on all the issues. I couldn’t be more pleased to have my seat taken over by such a competent person. She has been willing to do all the homework necessary to be a well-informed board member able to make fair, balanced decisions on behalf of all the children of Eagle County.

Tessa Kirchner has been a board member for the past four years, but what outsiders may not know is that Tessa attended board meetings, as a member of the public, for the two years prior to being elected to the board. She took the time to understand the board issues, philosophy and procedures prior to officially joining the board. Having committed herself and her time prior to being elected she truly hit the ground running and has helped lead the board forward for the past four years. Being a board member is an extraordinary time commitment with two meetings each month with board materials to read and review before each meeting exceeding hundreds of pages. Then there are committees, work sessions and public engagement events — the hours committed are staggering. Being prepared for and engaged in the discussions, willing to hear from all stakeholders and make tough policy decisions is what being a board member is all about, and Tessa is one of the best.

Exceptional work has occurred these past four years including the development and implementation of a multi-year strategic plan. Having two highly qualified candidates with their level of experience is invaluable to continuing the exciting path the school district is on.

It is a crowded field of candidates running for the school board, and everyone has a different way of analyzing and selecting candidates. I urge you to consider experience and track record and vote for Tessa Kirchner and Felicia Battle.

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Jeanne McQueeney

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