Vail Daily letter: Vote for Goudy |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for Goudy

Kathy Goudy has been a scrapper for all of our Colorado Mountain College students, communities and taxpayers over the last four years and, thank goodness, she is willing to devote another four to improving CMC. Because of Kathy, our in-district tuition was not increased at all in several of the years during her first stint on the board. She promotes the idea that affordability is not comparing CMC to other colleges, but rather, what can our communities afford? I have not met anyone so devoted to making sure that everyone has an opportunity to go to CMC and become who he or she wants to be. Kathy’s family has attended CMC, but she looks at everyone as part of her family and wants the best for all.

Kathy’s devotion for education carries over to those folks in our communities that want to continue to enjoy learning. Kathy has taken dance courses at CMC to expand her own education and Kathy is constantly pushing us to expand our community continuing education offerings.

I have been honored to serve with this attorney, mom and your advocate. I admire the skills and talents that she brings to CMC. Vote Kathy Goudy — she stands with you!

Mary Ellen Denomy

Trustee, Colorado Mountain College

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