Vail Daily letter: Vote for Kinney |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for Kinney

I had the opportunity to first meet Kraige when I joined the fire department in Avon back in 1989. I then ran against Kraige in the town election 10 years ago. I lost in a close election and was appointed to the board that same year to finish the term of two years for the newly elected Mayor Jon Stavney. I was re-elected back to the board and worked closely with Kraige on many different projects large and small for the town of Eagle. While on the board not everyone agreed on issues, but Kraige does believe in the town of Eagle and helped to complete items for the town:

• Broadway economic assistance.

• Broadway streetscape.

• Eagle Park improvements (to include the new stage used weekly in the summer).

• Spud Cellar Open Space acquisition.

• Eagle River Brush Creek Open Space.

• Hilltop sewer upgrade.

• Church Street widening and new sidewalk.

• Wastewater expansion.

• Brush Creek stream improvements.

• Solar Rebate Program.

• Incentives for deed restricted housing.

• Eagle Area Community Plan Update.

• Transportation Planning.

• Assisted in securing initial funding and approved design for Eby Creek roundabouts.

• Assisted in the funding of the new recycling center.

• Successful ECO trails grant for Town of Eagle 2011.

With Kraige’s experience, tenure and dedication to the Town of Eagle he is the right choice for Town of Eagle Trustee.

W. Mikel (Pappy) Kerst

Town of Eagle trustee

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