Vail Daily letter: Vote for new faces |

Vail Daily letter: Vote for new faces

No disrespect and nothing personal to the vets — I have voted for all of them in the past — but this time around I am asking everyone to vote for the “new” faces running. There are more important tasks that could be done by the former council members running this year.

We have all watched our little town agonize over the same two issues consistently for the past 15-plus years — parking and employee housing. These are the two biggest issues that Town Council has struggled with for years.

Doing the same thing, the same way, time and again, expecting different results is crazy. So here’s an idea to consider.

Rather than bog down Ludi, Dick and Kevin with issues like bear-proof trashcans, whether a building is too tall or not, street heating, ice skating bubbles, recycling, road repair budgets and lawsuits caused by other entities, we could elect the “new” people running and have them recruit their former council members onto task forces that are focused solely on each of our two biggest problems.

With their 30 years of council experience and a laser-like focus on these two elusive necessities, these candidates can get the job done. They obviously have the passion and commitment to our town. They have countless hours of experience with these two issues specifically. Without any distractions, they can do this.

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People have been clamoring for new blood on council during the past several elections. Dick even brought it up at this year’s VCBA candidates forum. Greg and Stan have the experience to help Jenn and Dave show anyone new the ropes.

We need to solve these problems now and there are no better qualified people to do it than people who already know the ropes.

Please cast your votes for Mark, Kim, Doe and Jen.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank outgoing Council Members Andy, Margaret, Ludi and Dale for their service to our town. Enjoy your Tuesday nights! (And consider getting behind this idea by volunteering for one of these tasks forces.)

Thanks for reading.

Stephen Connolly


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