Vail Daily letter: Vote is a mistake |

Vail Daily letter: Vote is a mistake

“Epitome of Hyperbole” is the title of comedian Brian Regan’s special, who has been a yearly guest of the Vilar for years now. However, this “comedy show” hasn’t ended with his departure. We’ve heard it all: We’ll save 800 million over 200 years if we vote “no” … 3,000 children won’t be starving in the streets, or will they? Will zombies be more likely to attack without added parking? What about bus routes being expanded to Wildridge (great idea, by the way) or was that a Wildridge aerial tram to Beaver Creek. OK, I made that last one up, but if we vote “yes” or “no” for this council building funding method we definitely won’t get a tram and I’ll complain about it for years to come at my watering hole or annoy some visitors on the chairlift with my jaded, edgy local perspective.

I remember when I was a kid and learned we don’t live in a real democracy. I mean … democracy is freedom right? Without democracy we are just like ISIS or North Korea. We have representative government for better or worse. Sure, at the national and state levels it’s just a battle of lobbyists but locally these are people we know and see on a daily basis and for some reason they were foolish enough to try to represent us. Just running for local council should be followed by a no-confidence vote.

It seems this Skier Building has been a lightning rod for every gripe, complaint, my-candidate-didn’t-win, angst-ridden pundit in town with an Excel spreadsheet. The biggest mistake made so far was even putting this rather mundane vote to the public in the first place. What’s next? Are we going to put it to a vote every time someone wants to put a storage shed on the side of their home?

I can see it now: “The Smith family can’t afford a new addition. Bill Jr. starts college next year and they just bought a new Jeep.” Or “Bill Sr. says the extra space will allow him to clear out the garage and go back to snowplowing in the winter, which will offset the initial investment in the shed over two years.”

If Avon goes belly up and the 3,000 needy children starve and are turned into zombies, I’ll look back and remember how wrong I was to not care about this vote as I enjoy my morning coffee and watch hordes of adorable zombie kids slowly stumbling up Wildridge Road.

Doug Clayton

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