Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘no on 5A |

Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘no on 5A

Eagle-Vail sits in an incredible location between two world-class resorts but it has never achieved its true potential due to bad local “government.” Property values have always lagged other areas in the valley and very few people invest in improving their property. We’ve owned a nice place for over 30 years that we’d like to improve but you just can’t justify further investment under the current regime, which keeps raising taxes and fees and imposing more and more silly, restrictive rules while creating community strife and mistrust.

A few people have assumed power via the Property Owner’s Association and Metro District. They’ve gotten away with it because of blatant dishonesty coupled with the fact that most owners are busy with their families, their businesses, their other mountain activities and many have other primary residences. A very small number of residents with self-serving interests control the community. If you volunteer for committees, but aren’t one of the “insiders,” you will never be included.

Subsidizing golf (mainly for non-residents and board members), paying exorbitant salaries to employees (over half million dollars per annum) and huge fees to friends as consultants as well as attorneys and accountants, and expanding power has been the POA/Metro boards’ objective. Now, this is hitting a new low as they try to impose $24 million in new taxes with absolutely no resident control over how this vast sum is spent. They say it will be used for a new golf clubhouse (used by less than 10 percent of the residents) but won’t make any commitment. The ballot language is clear — this would be a “blank check” for a few people who don’t have your best interest at heart. Realistically, property taxes would increase by almost $1,000 each year for a typical house and fees will be increased as well.

Eagle-Vail resident Mark Davis had it right — it is insanity to put another $23,000 of debt on each of your properties for a golf clubhouse that may or may not be built but, either way, most residents will never go in to. If you live in Eagle-Vail, VOTE “no” on 5A — keep control of your community.

Carl Luppens

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