Vail Daily letter: Vote on 5A |

Vail Daily letter: Vote on 5A

To Eagle-Vail property owners:

With 40 some volunteers, all Eagle-Vail property owners, tirelessly donating hundreds of hours of their time and expertise to the 5A ballot question, we have a few, definitely not all, naysayers accusing them of fraud, malfeasance and/or lack of fiduciary responsibility. As a 16-year member of the community and currently a member of the property owners association board, I have known and worked for years with most of these people and I state without hesitation that not one of them has any ax to grind. To a person, they are offering their time and talent because they truly care about Eagle-Vail and want to do whatever they can to make sure it continues to be the best place to live, period.

The Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District board unanimously agreed to go forward with the committees’ recommendations and are now asking the property owners to vote on funding a number of very worthwhile improvements to the community. So if you disagree with the proposal before you, please so state, but do it with respect. If the democratic process is going to work properly, there needs to be civil discourse. You voted the board members into office to represent you and further, you have every right to join as many committees as you choose and/or run for the board(s). Get involved before you’re asked to say “yea” or “nay.”

By the way, to suggest this process is identical to a traditional real estate deal seeking funding from a bank is naive.

Once again, please vote on 5A.

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Mike Kieler

Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association board member

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