Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘yes’ for a new board |

Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘yes’ for a new board

The Eagle-Vail Metro District Board claims that the current group of candidates do not have the type of experience necessary to manage the Metro District in the same fashion they have. Let’s hope they are right. The new board members can do so much better.

For the past eight years, the current board turned a deaf ear to looming financial issues Eagle-Vail is now facing. The focus has been on pet projects, including the Urban Land Institute study, the first 5A bond issue, the proposed new community clubhouse, engineering studies, land use studies, flood studies, parks studies, as well as numerous task forces to evaluate these studies. Although the first 5A gave us golf course improvements and a nice new pool, they have added little, if any, additional monies to our general fund. The current board is long on spending and short on revenue generation.

Though hard for some to believe, the failure of 5A last November was a blessing in disguise. If it had passed, our property tax rates would be on par with the likes of Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch and Cordillera. And we would still be facing the same challenges we have today.

One has to wonder why some who have served eight years or more (on either or both of our boards) still want to stay. Why are they digging in their heels, determined to stay in power? The whole idea of voluntary public service is to contribute to the best of your ability while acting in the best interest of the community. When your term is up, bow out gracefully and honorably. Truly selfless serving also includes mentoring future board members, facilitating a smooth transition at the next election.

Only two people ran in 2012 for two seats, so there was no need for an election. There is a reason eight people are running for three board seats this year. The opportunity is in your hands to completely change the makeup of the Eagle-Vail Metro District Board. The opportunity is yours to seat a board who can put our community on a positive path in the future. Please vote. Vote for fresh, new faces that are not bound by the past.

David Warner

Candidate, Eagle-Vail Metro District board

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