Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘yes’ on A and B |

Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘yes’ on A and B

Please join me in voting “yes” on both ballot issues in the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District election. As a former Vail Town Council member I applaud the ERWSD board for their decision to put these questions to a vote in an effort to save public dollars.

Elected officials have a fiduciary responsibility to make the best decision for the organization and its constituents. The board could have chosen another financing option to fund the improvements required for its sewage treatment facilities — an option that would not have required a vote, but would have cost each of us more. For the ERWSD board, going to a vote with Ballot Issue A was the harder route to take, but definitely the right one. Voting “yes” on Ballot Issue A means that the financing of these projects will cost at least $1.8 million less than if you vote “no.”

Ballot Issue B deals with the revenue and spending limits associated with TABOR that were removed by vote long ago from the towns of Vail and Avon, plus many other local governments. ERWSD is not now subject to TABOR — it operates as a self-funded government — and it does not plan to change. However, it could become subject to TABOR revenue limitations if it received a large amount of grant funds. So if we, the voters, are interested in lowering the potential cost to all of us, we should vote “yes” on Issue B so ERWSD can go after alternate funding sources (such as the $1.4 million grant the state approved last year). Vote “no” and you limit the opportunity for grants.

A and B are intertwined; voting “yes” on both means it will cost less. This is a great example of a publicly elected board doing their job to preserve public funds. You got your Eagle River Water and Sanitation District ballot in the mail. Send it back (or drop it off) by May 6 and vote “yes” on A and B!

Kim Newbury

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