Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘yes’ on A and B |

Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘yes’ on A and B

The Eagle River Water and Sanitation District has two measures, A and B, mailed to you for the election that ends May 6. These measures will allow the most cost-effective funding of required improvements to our wastewater treatment plants in order to meet new water quality standards.

The district is asking you to approve these measures after careful study. Rather than applying quick Band-Aid fixes to each plant, they have taken a holistic approach and analyzed several courses of action that could be taken to meet the new standards. They have included in their analysis other considerations, like population growth, and the result is a plan that achieves the required water quality standards as well as providing additional benefits, such as improved odor control systems.

The district has dedicated extensive time and effort to make sure this is the best and most cost effective solution to meeting the new standards and the needs of the customers they serve. Measures A and B are a continuation of that diligence on their part.

By voting yes on both A and B, the district will be able to finance the project at the lowest cost possible, saving approximately $1.8 million over the lifetime of the bonds. You will retain your ability to vote on future tax increases under TABOR and we’ll save money.

Vote yes on Measures A and B and make sure to return your ballot by May 6 to have your vote count.

Scott Conklin


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