Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘yes’ on A and B |

Vail Daily letter: Vote ‘yes’ on A and B

As a former member representing Berry Creek Metro District, i.e., Singletree, for eight years on the Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority Board, I want to urge you to vote “yes” on Ballot Issue A and B for the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District. Like it or not, our sewage treatment plants must be upgraded to meet stringent new federal regulations governing the quality of water that is returned to the Colorado River after treatment in our plants. The costs are large, but spending the money is not optional. The only choice is whether to pay for it through a tax increase or through a rate increase for your sewer service.

It will be less expensive to obtain the necessary funds through supporting a tax increase (Ballot Issue A) and supporting Ballot Issue B which is required by TABOR to accomplish the same thing. More favorable bond rates are available through borrowing with debt service repaid through a tax increase, and this will cost us all less. The only people for whom a tax may be slightly more expensive than a rate increase are those with very large homes with a higher SFE in water parlance. And your tax dollars paid to Eagle County are deductible items in your federal income tax liability.

Please support Ballot Issue A and B and get your ballot mailed in time to be received before May 6. Please tell your friends to vote in favor on A and B. It isn’t really a choice — this investment in new treatment facilities and methods must be made to comply with the law.

Doris Dewton


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