Vail Daily letter: Voting ‘no’ on Skier Building |

Vail Daily letter: Voting ‘no’ on Skier Building

Dear Don Rogers,

Thank you so much for your column in the Vail Daily (Friday) about the Skier Building! Thank you so much for the information that I feel has been kept so private!

I was “sort of” thinking that it would be an OK thing to have this building be town hall. However, I always wondered why it had remained empty for so many years. I was sort of buying into the city propaganda — thought it looked nice, space was needed, etc.

But, but — thank you, thank you for presenting huge “worry” factors:

• Why isn’t the underground parking part of the buy-out deal? Who will use the parking, if not people visiting town hall and employees?

• Why didn’t the Town Council have a commercial appraiser look at the building? It continues to amaze me that we have some “builders” on the Town Council and yet things like this and the stage at the lake are given an OK.

• The Town Council ignoring cracks in the concrete!

• Ignoring a too small water main (and the town was spouting how this building would provide much-needed public toilets), and ignoring flooring weight capacity.

• And more and more.

• Why are we overpaying with tax dollars, and not getting the whole thing?

• Your column has definitely convinced me to vote “no.” Which brings up my question — when do we vote? I understand it is a mail-in ballot only — but I haven’t received my ballot as yet.

Thank you for your for your column and research! I really do appreciate it! I have not read any other information about this issue other than what the Town Council tells me. Great column — I loved the “thirsty horses” concept. Makes one wonder what politicians really want — good for the community or good for me making something happen, who cares what the citizens think, I really know best.

And, a big thank you to the people who headed the efforts to make this a public vote.

Sherry Bunting

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