Vail Daily letter: Wait till end |

Vail Daily letter: Wait till end

My husband and I loving our second summer here in the Vail Valley and we are also enjoying our second season of Bravo Vail lawn seating. But I do not know why so many members of the audience find it acceptable to pack up and saunter out as the orchestra takes its bows, nor do I understand why it apparently is OK to continue filing out and even chatting when an encore is being played. These aren’t movies or TV shows — these are live performances. The marvelous musicians have devoted their entire lives to reaching an extremely high level of accomplishment, often at great personal cost. We owe them appreciation and, at least, the courtesy of waiting until the concert is truly over before leaving. It is distracting and rude to others. The concerts always end at about 8, and plans for afterwards should accommodate a normally paced exit, barring an emergency, of course.

Pat Torvestad


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