Vail Daily letter: Warner, Sills for Eagle-Vail |

Vail Daily letter: Warner, Sills for Eagle-Vail

I purchased a new home in Eagle-Vail last year for the significant amenities and characteristics in the community. Almost immediately, I learned that there were decisions being made that seemed at odds with my interests as a new homeowner. Besides significant proposed tax increases (that were defeated), funds were being squandered by the boards and little concern was being shown for all property owners.

Some in the community may want to sell off portions of recreational areas for development of affordable housing. One community leader recently mentioned in a public meeting that she wanted a place to build patio homes for long-term residents that want to retire here. The dated Urban Land Institute report from 2008 often is cited as a long-term plan when in fact it has serious flaws. It described development of over 400 units of multi-family housing at the east end of Eagle-Vail.

Most property owners in Eagle-Vail do not want to see development of hundreds of additional home sites at the expense of recreation areas like the Par 3 golf course, the soccer field, the baseball field and other areas. I sure don’t. Up to now, the combined Board of Governors have not protected these areas from sale or development as the zoning and land use were never changed to their intended purpose as recreation areas. If there were ever to be a repurpose of these areas, owners of Eagle-Vail properties should have a significant say and vote on such a significant change.

We are about to elect new directors to the board of the Eagle-Vail Metropolitan District through a mail-in ballot. We need new leadership and directors that think for themselves and are loyal to all owners. A newly elected director should have a bias to protect and preserve the amenities and greenspace in Eagle-Vail. I have learned that some candidates for election to the board share these values with me. I would encourage Eagle-Vail voters to vote for David Warner and Patti Sills. I hope there is a large turnout in this election. Please vote in Eagle-Vail.

Jennifer Grimm

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