Vail Daily letter: Waste of public funds |

Vail Daily letter: Waste of public funds

Last weekend, Joe Biden of the Democratic Party landed at the Eagle County Regional Airport in our publicly owned Boeing 757. Also on the tarmac was an Air Force C-17 Globe Master to carry the baggage and limo. Together with a 40-car caravan and legions of Secret Service, state troopers, municipal cops and sheriff’s officers in tow or along the way, Mr. Biden made his way to Aspen on his commandeered highways (I-70 and Highway 82) for a 24-hour stay at the five-star St. Regis Hotel with libations at the Jerome. All of this public disruption, pomp and circumstances was to accommodate and facilitate his surreptitious meeting with a private equity firm. No public interest was involved, whatsoever.

What with the costs attendant to the aircraft (including downtime), the support vehicles, food and lodging for military and police personnel, fancy accommodations for the Biden entourage, some say this little VP jaunt will cost the taxpayers in excess of $300,000. I would opine about $1 million-plus for the trip from D.C. to Aspen. Not only is this a profligate expenditure of public funds for the private use of Mr. Biden, but in the real world where we common folk must endure, such expenditures would be tantamount to embezzlement, or euphemistically referred to in Biden parlance as a “progressive” agenda. To justify this illicit use of public funds, and if we overlook its illegality, one would have to ascribe to Mr. Biden a much greater importance and stature to the welfare of this nation as a whole. He simply is not worth it — a cheerleader is not the quarterback in a game of such magnitude.

What is most appalling and reflective of this whole event is the picture or story it paints and tells of our historical and republican form of government. We now have elitist and dictatorial representatives from a federal government that is rogue, corrupt, dysfunctional and detached from the people they purportedly represent. Mr. Biden spins and inflates his self-importance to the magnitude of indispensability. “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing” (“Macbeth”). It will be interesting if Mr. Biden’s constituents (Udall, Polis, Bush, etc.) in the valley will even comment upon the matter, let alone endorse or condemn it. My read is that they will treat it as a non-issue, and accordingly not confront it.

Fredric Butler

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