Vail Daily letter: Water questions |

Vail Daily letter: Water questions

When in a money crunch, every dollar means a lot! There is a minimum water charge. For Eagle, where I live, the minimum charge is for 6,000 gallons a month. I use 1,000 to 2,000 gallons a month.

Why should I pay for 6,000? Money, right!

From Denver to the East Coast, everyone pays for what they use. But not Eagle.

Former town managers Willie Powell and Jon Stavney told me, “That’s the way we do it, Freddie.”

One Eagle town staffer told me, “Freddie, dig your own well if you don’t like it!”

Who has the answer? They say it’s the Board of Trustees.

I went in front of the board and they said it’s Dusty Wall, head of public works.

I went to Dusty, and this is where the truth starts. He said, “Freddie, you can’t change it.”

From there I called Ed Sands, the town attorney. Repeating what had been said to me, he informed me that Dusty has nothing to do with pricing, and that it’s the trustees only.

I contacted Dusty and apologized to him for being such a jerk!

So, valley H2O users, the answer is population, which we do not have. The minimum charge is there for revenue.

Freddie Modders

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