Vail Daily letter: We are to blame |

Vail Daily letter: We are to blame

The secession of Britain from the European Union didn’t have to happen, but it was inevitable. The Brits can put up with excessive costs of the European Union, can put up with a loss of control of certain economic and political events, and are strong enough to participate for the benefit of the greater good, but enough was enough. Britain left the European Union because of cowardice.

Cowardice in the White House, cowardice at 10 Downing St., cowardice in Brussels, cowardice in Berlin, cowardice in Paris. The issue is the swarms of political refugees from Syria and other out-of-control states in the Middle East who are flooding into Europe and the UK.

Had we not abruptly abandoned Iraq and Afghanistan, had we not ignored ISIS in the region and Syria, and had we taken an active role in stabilizing the region, there would be no political refugees, or — as they like to call them — immigrants. Immigrants pushed the Brits over the edge.

We copped out. The West looked the other way. We took the easy way out. We gave away territory hard-earned with Western life and limb. We decided — for the benefit of Islam — to give ignorant terrorists whatever territory they liked to do with as they would. We let them kill hundreds of thousands, destroy ancient monuments, drive people from their lands, attack Western cities, proselytize whoever they could, and spread hatred for the sake of hatred. And we let so-called allies such as Saudi Arabia fund them. We looked the other way.

So who is to blame for the desire of the old guard in the corners of Britain to vote to leave the European Union? We are — the cowards — the complacent, blind, hand-holding, kumbaya-singing, terrorist-supporting, spineless people of the West. You need not look any further than the White House, 10 Downing St., Berlin, Paris or Brussels. We did nothing about ISIS in Iraq, nothing about ISIS in Afghanistan, nothing about ISIS in Syria, nothing about the attack in Orlando, and we will continue to do nothing, because we are cowards every one of us. And in the US, we are led by a terrorist-sympathizer coward who will continue to do nothing.

David Schaut


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