Vail Daily letter: We can do better

Our new republic crafted at the hands of the Democratic Party and those unwitting Republicans who walk the party lines drawn by the “old guard” is an entity unto itself, a “ship of state without a rudder,” and an enemy of the very people who have ignorantly entrusted it with the authority of governance. This November we can again, with ignorance, complacency and gullibility, restate, ratify and re-elect this administration and its slavish adherents to continue on with the destruction of what once was the standard bearer of liberty, prosperity and opportunity for a war-weary world, a world of poverty and of self-indulgence by the authoritarians of any stripe.

We can continue to have an IRS that operates as the political hack of the present administration, an agency that obfuscates the truth about its political interests, and refuses to apply the provisions of the tax code equally and across the board to all. We can still have an attorney general that applies the law to the benefit of a favored few, e.g., Black Panthers, Muslim Brotherhood and Mexican cartels — this same attorney general that was held in contempt of Congress for his fabrications and ultimate concealment of his involvement in the matter by way of a “privilege” granted to him by Mr. Obama himself.

We can continue on with a corrupt and incompetent regime that leaves American personnel or soldiers in harm’s way for political expediency (Benghazi), for the benefit of the enemies of our allies (Hamas to the detriment of Israel), and to further the lot of those very same enemies through the guise of “foreign aid” or “humanitarian grants” under the auspices of the UN or some other feckless organization on the take.

We can still pursue our “war on terrorism” by ignoring a porous and open southern border, all the while frisking seniors and molesting children at our airports under the name and style of “Homeland Security”; ergo, while Rome burns, Obama is out fiddling at fund raisers or hobnobbing on the golf course. America can continue to maintain its international reputation as a “paper tiger”; it can preserve its newly acquired status as a third world country, what with the devaluation of the credit rating of its treasury obligations and reserve currency credibility in the world’s financial markets.

By re-electing the incumbent perpetrators of fraud, self-aggrandizement and corruption this November, we can have all of the above and more. Or in the alternative, we can simply do better by voting with our common sense and empathy for the American people, their children, their soldiers and veterans. Just consider what this nation would become without the excesses or derelictions of the NSA, the DOJ, the IRS, the EPA, or the White House on the hill. Would a vote for such a sea change be any worse than what we or the world have experienced with a Democratically controlled Senate or White House? This time around, we may not be able to clean the House, but we can the Senate.

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Fredric Butler

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