Vail Daily letter: We have a choice |

Vail Daily letter: We have a choice

One of the oldest issues in the history of civilizations is “What do we do with unwanted babies?” (Fathom the thought.) In the modern age of the 21st century, we have the ability to abort the birth of a child. The ancient Greeks who did not have our wonderful medical technologies simply put the new born in a basket and left it at the base of the local temple; whoever wanted one could simply take it.

In their expensive political ads, our Sen. Udall is running on a campaign of a woman’s right to choose to abort the birth of that baby (it’s her body); his opponent, Mr. Gardner, opposes this choice of abortion and promotes the availability of contraception products “over the counter.” What about that baby’s rights? In the hallowed document, our United States Constitution, the preamble states “certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” When does the baby’s “rights” begin? When does the baby have a right to life? When is a baby a baby? Is it at conception, the first trimester, the second, when? Absurd discussion. I have not found one mother that does not believe that baby is alive inside her the first day she notices. Whoa! What is this?

Facts: 100 percent of all births and abortions are on mothers. Ninety-five percent of the votes on all “laws” are by men. Sex is as natural as falling off a log. That baby is not a Republican or a Democrat yet.

Does the mother have the “right” to terminate that baby’s life? In all other cases of life termination, of the lawful, we have a process of juries and judges; not in the case of abortions. Except for the cases of rape, incest and ignorance the woman and the man had a choice before conception, albeit not necessarily an intellectual one. Sen. Udall addresses the issue after the fact of conception. Mr. Gardner addresses the issue before conception. As a man, I sure would like to see that baby have their chance at magnificence. We have a definite choice during this election. You choose in which society you want to live.

Richard J. Panter

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