Vail Daily letter: We need to act |

Vail Daily letter: We need to act

The world’s premier polar bear expert says there will be no polar bears in the wild in 25 years; the ice on which they depend will be gone. There is no longer any doubt that our addiction to fossil fuels is causing climate change. And yet, we go blithely on as though only our comfort, and the profit of the fossil fuel companies, is important. There’s an awful lot of lip service to environmental causes, but why hasn’t everyone in the Eagle Valley who can afford it put solar panels on their rooftops? Why hasn’t Congress done more to support alternative energies? (Oh, heavens, if we annoy the oil/gas companies, they won’t give to our campaigns.) Even our consumption of meat has a huge impact (methane gas, water use, land use), but how would we dare cross the mega-cattle producers and encourage meatless days. What bothers me most is that so many people simply do not care that our bio-diversity is shrinking by leaps and bounds — that whole species are going extinct.

I wonder how long before humanity as a whole realizes what happens to the “natural” world eventually happens to us. I know that this is not an upbeat letter with which to start the new year, but we need to act. Those of us with little money can still pressure our elected officials and government agencies with letters; those with the means can pressure through investments and political support. And even if we start now, when my two great-grandsons are in their 20s, there probably will be no more wild polar bears. I find that incredibly sad.

Katherine Delanoy


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