Vail Daily letter: We will miss you |

Vail Daily letter: We will miss you

Two weeks ago, a wonderful friend of the Vail Leadership Institute passed away. The following tribute was offered in honor of him, his lifelong work, and contribution he made to many people in the Vail Valley.

Frederic Hudson was a giant among thought leaders. He will be sorely missed.

When the Vail Leadership Institute was launched in 1997, Richard Leider suggested that before we go much further, we had to meet first with Frederic. None of us knew who he was, but we quickly found out by participating in LifeLaunch, and then the CIT in 1998, that he was a very special person. He thoroughly influenced our curriculum such that in a few years we had coined our leadership perspective, Inside First. More than the many other well-known thought leaders we engaged, Inside First drew from Frederic’s philosophies and methodologies: Focus on purpose, small groups, coaches as mentors, and the art of asking good questions.

We were privileged to have had Frederic with us on numerous occasions in Vail. He made a lasting direct impression, but an even greater indirect impact through his groundbreaking approach that we still use today. He was wise, compassionate and totally engaged in life.

Although I have it in the recesses of my brain, I’ve often wished I had a video of Frederic telling his story as he moved around his Cycle of Renewal on the floor — from his struggle with polio to his educational journey to the Fielding Institute, and finally, to the Hudson Institute. He was compelling and he changed the arc of my life.

We will miss you, Frederic, but we sense you’re hoping we continue to work at making it down here like it is up there !

John Horan-Kates

Co-founder and chair, Vail Leadership Institute

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