Vail Daily letter: Welcome back, Randy |

Vail Daily letter: Welcome back, Randy

On March 6 and 7, Chair 6 in Beaver Creek (now referred to as “the six pack”) was blessed to have Randy, the chairlift operator who had been in that position for at least for 15 years, returning back to his former position. He had not been there since that lift started operating this season. Due to his strong capability, there was not, or almost not, a single chair that had fewer than six people in it. On probably the two busiest days of the season, Randy did what no one else had done all season, made sure all six seats were occupied and paired groups up while explaining, before anyone reached the gate, exactly what to do, calmly and distinctly, and kept his cool while even joking with the customers.

Congratulations on a job well done! The “regulars” noted the difference. We hope you keep coming back. We all missed you!

Toby Mower

Beaver Creek

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