Vail Daily letter: We’re better together |

Vail Daily letter: We’re better together

We’re better together. That’s been true every day of this last year as your county commissioner. Our abilities as individuals are limited, but there are very few problems we cannot solve when we’re working together.

Collaboration is critical — whether it’s partnering with residents, with nonprofits, other towns in the county, or joining forces with other counties or the state. During the past year, we’ve teamed up to build a senior care center and to protect our water. We’re working with people from Basalt to Red Cliff to solve our workforce issues and strengthen our economy. I believe in the power of communities to solve problems and I believe that we can keep our quality of life as our bedrock while we explore new economic ground and prepare for what may be another growth cycle.

I believe that by working together we can build a strong Eagle County. It takes all of our new ideas, our passion, and our integrity. Strength takes courage, innovation and resiliency.

There’s a John Ruskin quote I like a lot, one that sums up my belief about public service: “What we think or what we know or what we believe is of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do.” And when we do it together, the potential is boundless! We’re all connected in our valleys, and together we can solve anything.

I’m honored to be your county commissioner, and want to put my experience to work for you. Please get those ballots in!

Kathy Chandler-Henry

Eagle County commissioner

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