Vail Daily letter: What a vet! |

Vail Daily letter: What a vet!

Our beautiful, energetic 9-year-old white Lab, Jack, was admitted into the Vail Valley Animal Hospital on Saturday, July 6, and the emergency room doctor on call determined after blood tests that Jack was internally bleeding.

It was Dr. Tom’s weekend off, but he just happened to stop by after a bike ride to check on the weekend emergencies. He saw Jack just lying on our laps, eyes shut and extremely lethargic.

After reading Jack’s labs and discussing his situation with the ER vet, Tom decided to do an ultrasound from which he determined there was a tumor that most likely ruptured Jack’s spleen and he was internally bleeding out. Tom performed emergency surgery to remove the tumor and Jack’s spleen.

He advised that the next 24 hours were crucial to his survival. We were crushed and in a panic, as our three children were unaware of Jack’s condition since they are all in camp and summer school.

We had a very difficult night and it appeared so did Jack, as the next day his blood counts were falling and he was barely alive.

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Well, again Tom just happened to stop in from his Sunday day off and realized that Jack was in bad shape. He went home and brought his own pet Lab, Lucy, back to do an emergency blood transfusion.

All of a sudden, Jack’s blood counts improved. He started to wag his tail and gain his wonderful puppy disposition back.

Thanks to Dr. Tom and his deep passion, we have had our dear Jack home with us for three weeks now. The road is still an uphill battle, as Jack was diagnosed with cancer and we will continue treatment with the Vail Valley Animal Hospital as directed by Dr. Tom along with our vets and oncologists back in South Florida and pray that Jack will recover and not suffer.

Again, we thank Dr. Tom and his wonderful staff including tech Lindsey, and of course Dr. Charley for saving Jack’s life.

Jay and Meredith Shapiro

Edwards, and Weston, Fla.

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