Vail Daily letter: What are you doing with gift?

Soldiered through another Memorial Day and want to thank everyone who attended the Freedom Park ceremony.

After discussing with my Army buddies, we do have one request. If you’re over 16, please think twice before coming up to us to “thank you for your service.”

My guys and I would rather hear what you’re dong with the freedom we fought (and some of us died) for.

We want to hear that you’re a good citizen, and that you respect yourself and the country you live in.

The other thing we’d like to hear is that you’ve hired a veteran for your business. Or that you are doing business with someone who recognizes that the veteran brings talents and training to the business world that you can’t get anywhere other than through military service (Europe and Asia look pretty good these days. I have to believe us Army guys did some good).

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Kenton M. Krohlow

U.S. Army and Army National Guard

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