Vail Daily letter: What’s going on in Avon? |

Vail Daily letter: What’s going on in Avon?

I’m completely confused as to what’s going on in my hometown. First, they build a $3 million stage that’s been used a handful of times for small events. Why didn’t the town of Avon go after the Kaaboo festival to try to recoup some of the overage that the stage incurred? They spend another $1 million or so on “fixing” the walking path from the park to town. Have many walked it since the construction? And what was fixed? Seems like the sidewalks still don’t match to transport people or bikes across the street by the library and the cement by the field is still uprooted. The only improvements we seemed to get were some new statues and trees? Then, after a community survey, they decide to keep a great beach at the park but not add bathrooms as a permanent building but put in Porta Potties (effectively reducing the small parking there already was) in the north parking lot. So people will, still, either pee in the lake or the trees because who wants to walk back up to the parking lot or worse, across the entire park (and our kids play in the water of the lake). Recently, the town has resorted to ticketing vehicles on West Beaver Creek Boulevard because there is so little parking for the park.

Maybe the Skier Building purchase and remodel has an overage the Town Council knows of that will come to light on the front page of the Vail Daily (if you build it they will come so we can ticket them, right?).

Oh, and I almost forgot the one tree this winter with amazing lights — what the hell was that? Did they get through one and decide it was too much work? The way the lights looked during the 2015 races were awesome; guess the visitors need to be impressed more than the residents.

Now we have the new bike lane? Seriously? I agree with Joyce Pfaff’s letter (Monday’s Vail Daily) — it’s confusing and dangerous. The roundabouts are confusing and dangerous enough for our visitors — now let’s have them navigate road painting that’s never been seen before? And another question, why are cars parking going against traffic by the post office? Can you already see the increased number of U-turns at West Beaver Creek Boulevard and Lake Street? More tickets, of course — revenue source. And now you can’t turn into the post office? Why?

What’s next? Maybe we can add a spaceship landing zone to Avon Elementary School?

Or maybe the Town Council members will read these letters and take some suggestions:

• Spend some money to provide bus service to Wildridge and Nottingham Road so more people can walk and bike around town. Isn’t that what you say you are trying to provide?

• Expand the skier shuttle to drive along West Beaver Creek Boulevard in the winter for residents.

• Build a permanent bathroom near the volleyball courts and beach at Nottingham Park, look into expanding the parking area, upgrade the playground, and expand the hours for the dog area.

• Take a page from the playbook the town of Vail uses for lighting the trees in the winter.

• Reduce congestion going to Wildridge by making it no stop for right turns off Nottingham Road.

I’m happy the town of Avon is trying to make improvements, but listen to the voice of the residents. The residents are the bread and butter of the town of Avon; don’t alienate us for the sake of the guests.

Joe Shankland


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