Vail Daily letter: Where is the outrage? |

Vail Daily letter: Where is the outrage?

Just who is Mark Udall? For one thing, he has historically been in lock-step with and a supporter of the Obama administration for the past 5.5 years in his “career” as Colorado’s senator. During those years, I have looked and listened, fast, hard and long for any outrage or even a semblance of discontent from Mr. Udall regarding the blatant fraud perpetrated on the American people by his administration’s fomentation, marketing and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Udall not only did not read the bill at its inception (who could have?), but voted for it, and tacitly condones the executive legislation that aborts its very provisions. Where is the outrage? Where is even a comment in passing?

The administration’s feckless foreign policy has helped to create a more dangerous world for everyone — not just Americans. Mr. Udall is absent from that venue also for party reasons (“his bread is buttered by the DNC”). Terrorism abounds to such absurdity that the only ones subject to profiling and scrutiny are American citizens, what with the antics of the NSA, the TSA, the EPA, DOJ, the DEA, and so on. Our southern border is so porous and open to terrorists that it renders moot any other precaution that the administration conjures and promotes. Mr. Udall, do you even have a position on this subject? Do you dare comment on it for political reasons?

Mr. Udall’s senatorial office is a “career” to be nurtured and preserved — not public service, not for abiding conviction, and certainly not for any digression from the liberal platform of his party and administration in power. Did you notice that on the recent campaign visit by Mr. Obama to Denver in aid of Mr. Udall’s maintaining his Senate seat, Mr. Udall could not find the time in his “busy” schedule to even meet in public with his mentor? Udall read the polls and tea leaves and concluded that it would not be a good “career” move to be associated with the administration’s (Obama’s) litany of failures, illegality and deception. Mr. Udall is poll driven and knows which way the wind blows.

What we do hear from Mr. Udall are trivial, conjured and meaningless attacks on his opponent, Cory Gardner. Where Gardner advocates non-prescriptive birth control remedies is that so momentous to blow a vote in Udall’s direction? If that is all Udall can come up with to keep his job and further his career, then he is in it for selfish reasons, and not to selflessly serve the people of Colorado or this nation. Let’s hear from you, Mr. Udall, and prove that you are made of “sterner stuff.” Leave the party, and join the American people; give true meaning and definition to the term “United States senator.”

Fredric Butler

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