Vail Daily letter: Where is the will? |

Vail Daily letter: Where is the will?

I did not originally have anything against the Republican Party. My mother was a staunch Republican most of her life; I often voted for Republicans when I lived in Michigan. However, when I hear that only 25 percent of Republicans think there is a problem with global climate change, in spite of the overwhelming evidence, I seriously wonder about the intellectual disconnect. I suppose ignorance is bliss, but future generations are going to inherit something far from blissful.

There are also a sizable number of Democrats who see there is money to be made if you keep pushing fossil fuels, if you insist your industry will be hurt from any changes. Where is the will for a full-on effort to reduce fossil fuels by retrofitting and conservation. Where is the will to seriously support geothermal, wind, and solar (all of which are viable in Colorado) in the way we subsidized the problematic nuclear industry and the oil industry? I despair and I hope.

Katherine Delanoy


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