Vail Daily letter: Who will demand justice? |

Vail Daily letter: Who will demand justice?

I noticed in the news today that one of the criminals was sentenced in the Detroit assault that left a driver in a coma after he struck a pedestrian. The facts of that case are that a white man was driving in Detroit and struck a black youth that darted into traffic. The driver immediately stopped, notified the authorities and went to the youth’s side to render aid. The driver was attacked by three black males and was punched and kicked so viciously that he was in a coma for several days and is still unable to return to work. The witness statements and the police report exonerated the driver.

One of the criminals pleaded guilty to reduced charges and received a one-year sentence. I am sure I am not the only person that believes the sentence is inappropriate for attempted murder or felonious assault.

Let’s change the scenario a bit. Suppose a black male was driving and struck a white youth and was beaten into a coma by three white males. In this case Eric Holder and the Justice Department would have opened an investigation and federal hate-crime charges would have been filed before the 11 p.m. news on the day of the incident. The next day Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have led rallies and marches demanding justice for this obvious racially motivated attack. The national media would still be running stories about social injustice and discrimination in Detroit and the rest of this nation.

Who will speak out in support of the driver? Who will demand justice for this man? Who will demand that these criminals be charged with a race-based hate crime and sentenced to long terms in federal prison?

Dick Curtis

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