Vail Daily letter: Why block trail? |

Vail Daily letter: Why block trail?

Two of my friends and I rode down Paulie’s Plunge into Eagle-Vail this past Tuesday. Our lead rider is pretty talented cyclist who doesn’t hold back much when he rides, and I would say I’ve never seen him ride impolitely or out of control.

He put a decent gap on me and my friend as we were descending. After we went through one of the rougher and rockier parts of the descent, we came upon a couple who were hiking with their yellow Lab. They had stepped to the side, yielding their right of way to us, and we thanked them kindly but were met with awkward expressions on their faces. We soon learned why.

A little further down the trail from where we passed these hikers my friend and I came upon a log adorned with several spikey branches placed squarely in the singletrack. The log had clearly been part of a bigger tree that had fallen earlier and was cut up and moved off the trail. I exclaimed to my friend, “someone must of put that there!” We moved the log out of the way and continued on with our ride. As we rounded a corner we found another, even larger log set across the trail. We cleared it from the trail and kept riding. Then again, we found another perfectly placed log across the trail that we removed.

We caught up with our friend who was leading at the bottom of Paulie’s where it hooks up with the Eagle-Vail trail, near the No. 17 tee of the golf course. I asked him if he had a notable interaction with that couple or if he was riding in a way that might have caused someone to act with such little regard to their fellow man. He noted that he was going pretty quickly when he came upon their dog that was walking off leash about 30 feet in front of the couple. He said he was able to slow down, maintain control and avoid the dog, and mumbled some sort of apology as he passed the couple. Then I asked him if he jumped over the three logs across the trail, to which he replied, “What logs?”

To the couple who put the logs in the trail, I’d just like to ask you, why? Why do you feel so entitled that you will jeopardize the safety of others to teach them a lesson? The three riders you saw are your neighbors; we are all proud to call Eagle-Vail our home. If you have anything to say for yourself, your actions or how we were riding, please write in.

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Andrew Bare

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