Vail Daily letter: Why choose attack dog? |

Vail Daily letter: Why choose attack dog?

This is a difficult time of the year for me. I so dislike (hate is probably a little too strong, but maybe not) the negative political campaigning. I know the pundits say it works, but what a sad statement on where they think our culture is today. That candidates have to rip the other person is just wrong-headed. We’re smarter than that.

Case in point. The attack ads of Kerry Donovan’s opponent are not only incredibly distasteful, but wrong as well. I have come to know Kerry fairly well. As a participant in one of the Vail Leadership Institute’s programs, I have had the opportunity to engage with her in meaningful conversations, observe her thinking through a response, and hear her describe her values. This is a person with heart. She understands the importance of tourism to the Western Slope. And she understands the importance of education.

I have no idea what her opponent stands for because all he does is blast Kerry. Why would we choose an attack dog?

John Horan-Kates


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