Vail Daily letter: Why close trail? |

Vail Daily letter: Why close trail?

In the Vail Valley, we have one of the most active mountain biking communities in the country. We also have a terrific array of trails ranging from the east to the west side of the county.

However, granting that the amount of trails is substantial, a community like this can never have too many mountain biking alternatives. Recently, the Forest Service, in a very confusing and unnecessary and counter-productive manner, decided to destroy a trail on Berry Creek. The result of this action only served to aggravate bikers who use the trails of the Forest Service. The trail that was destroyed was an out-of-the-way single track that will probably never be used for any other recreational purpose. The ecological effects of 2 inches of rubberized tire from a non-mechanized vehicle are very minimal to both the ground service and to the air.

As a member of the biking community and one who does not understand or see the justification for a reduction in our trails, I would like to not only voice my opinion but find out who makes these decisions and from where comes their input?

Steve Katz

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