Vail Daily letter: Why I choose to run |

Vail Daily letter: Why I choose to run

When I recently told a friend that I was going to announce my candidacy to become an Eagle County commissioner, he asked, “Why?” I’ll tell you the same thing I told him: I like to design things. I’m an architect by training and profession. Over the years I have found great satisfaction in starting with a client’s desires, sketching out an idea and then, through a collaborative effort involving many skilled people, create a finished project.

In my nearly two decades of community volunteering and town council experience, I’ve enjoyed that same challenge of facing a complex issue with the satisfaction of participating in a collaborative solution. I think this makes me uniquely qualified to become one of your next county commissioners.

As your commissioner I will look to the opportunities that lie ahead such as the completion of the Senior Care Community in Eagle, the establishment of a better year-round economy, the preservation and enhancement of the uniqueness of our county, the improvement of recreational opportunities and the creation of a better environment for education.

I will work to ensure that our economy improves, new jobs are created and property values rise, all of which will grow our tax base and provide additional funding without necessarily having to increase taxation.

Along with a proven ability to work collaboratively with people with divergent views, I will bring my varied experience working with not-for-profits, being a community volunteer, and as a town council member to help form my decisions.

My small business experience and town council service have prepared me well to work within budgets, prioritize needs, work with residents and businesses, and understand the necessities, as well as the amenities, that our county and communities desire.

I have a strong understanding of Eagle County that respects the many perspectives as well as the politics of our mountain community.

I know that as you enjoy the many winter activities of skiing, boarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and other pursuits, the last thing on your minds is county government. But, since moving to Eagle County, I have always looked for ways that I can make a difference in making sure that Eagle County remains the beautiful, welcoming and vibrant community that my wife and I began to experience more than 40 years ago when we first visited this area.

For all these reasons and more, I have chosen to run for Eagle County commissioner and work with you to make Eagle County the best that it can be.

Tom Edwards

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