Vail Daily letter: Why I’m running |

Vail Daily letter: Why I’m running

I have once again been asked to drop out the race for House District 26. To date, I have been asked to drop out by two Republican governor candidates, a House District 26 primary candidate, a GOP delegate, and the state chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. The deadline has passed for me to drop out of the race and have my name removed from the ballot. But that hasn’t stopped the requests for me to drop out of the race.

Last night, I attended the Eagle County debates. I figure if I am not to be invited to participate in the debates, I will take notes and at least publish my answers on my website, It was at the debate that I spoke with a prominent Libertarian in the Eagle River Valley. When I introduced myself and informed him that I am also running he got visibly upset and angry that I am running. After the debate he then proceeded to sit me down for a good 15 minutes and tell me two stories about how a Libertarian candidate meant eight more years of Democrat representation. He ended with stating, “This race can’t be about you and your political career. You must drop out.” When I replied that it was past the due date for me drop off the ballot, he then went on to say, “Well then, you need the headlines in tomorrow’s paper to read, ‘Libertarian drops out of race’”.

This request bothered me. This is what is wrong with our government and why I am running. It is that people have given up and checked out. The problems are too big; the fix requires an impossible task; the difference any single person can make is insignificant. I am not in this race to steal votes from anyone. I am in the race because I think one person can make a difference. I am in this race because I feel that people deserve a choice other than less evil. I am in this race not for myself or my political career but because I think people need to see that it doesn’t take a politician to be involved in politics.

I like Chuck McConnell and I honestly would be happy if he wins. Diane Mitsch Bush is working off of some proven faulty data on firearm discussions and she empathetically stated she does not vote the party line yet then proceeds to vote along party lines on all key votes. But I will not drop out. I still know that I am the best candidate for the job. And if you would like to know more about Libertarian values and how I would represent you, visit

Thom Haupt

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