Vail Daily letter: Why I’m running |

Vail Daily letter: Why I’m running

As we roll into another town of Vail election, I again ask you, the people that live in Vail, for your vote. In the years since I was first elected I’m proud to say that : Donovan Park and Pavilion were built (with a lot of controversy, although I defy anyone to remember what it was about); so was the Gymnastics Center, which is now such a part of our town’s fabric that most people don’t even know it’s there; same with Middle Creek (again with much, now forgotten, controversy); and of course The Children’s Garden of Learning; The Vail Childcare Center has been operating since 2002 providing a much needed service to our workforce and community; we, the people of Vail, bought a spectacular waterfall in East Vail (if you haven’t been seen it, you are missing out); we also acquired a lot of employee housing and land for more; world-acknowledged Bravo now features the New York Philharmonic in a beautiful setting that has been renovated and upgraded twice since 1999; and The Sebastian, Solaris, Four Seasons, Arrabelle, One Willow Bridge, the new Tivoli and Vail’s new Front Door all made it through painstaking review to come to fruition. Our town is vibrant, our community amenities the envy of cities 10 times our size and our challenges arguably more complex and nuanced than ever before.

Also during that time, the town of Vail’s finances were carefully stewarded, so that when the financial crisis hit, Vail was well positioned not just to weather the storm but to take competitive advantage of the situation. The town’s current financial health is the envy of almost every other town in the country.

So, when asked, why I am running for re-election, my answer and agenda remains to represent us, the people who live here. I still want to make sure our town stays a town and doesn’t become just a “resort.” I think I continue to add substantial value representing our interests while building good working relationships with our partners. I want to make sure that we continue to benefit from our partner the resort, and that requires a healthy and thriving business community and a relentless focus on keeping Vail a town that is home to a real community. I want to make sure the next generation of families — today’s new residents and young professionals — can reasonably expect to choose to live in Vail as they settle down. I want to see Vail become a place my kids can aspire to, and maybe even afford to, move back to. If you vote for me, I will continue to press hard to steward the town’s resources responsibly, develop and sustain projects and partnerships, and represent our community. Oh, and I’ll keep bringing the fresh aloha shirts, too.

Greg Moffet

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