Vail Daily letter: Why I’m running |

Vail Daily letter: Why I’m running

I have been a resident of the 5th Judicial District for the past 27 years. In that time I have seen district attorneys come and go. Under our current district attorney, the quality of the office has deteriorated badly. The deputy district attorneys are no longer getting along with the defense bar, law enforcement and the judges. These entities are crucial to making the justice system work. Five months ago in my campaign platform, I laid out in black and white things I would change if elected district attorney.

First, I would hire an experienced trial attorney as my assistant district attorney. Second, I would hire an experienced sex assault prosecutor to shepherd every case of sexual assault throughout the district. That person would personally supervise each case from start to finish. They would travel to the county in which the case arose to assist with trial if necessary. Currently, too many cases of sexual assault are lost at trial or plea bargained to non-sexual offenses. If we are going to charge someone with a serious crime then we should expect to win the case. We should not charge people just to harass them.

Both my assistant district attorney and I will carry a designated caseload. My first year in the office I intend to take two weeks of vacation. This will give the citizens of the district greater than a month more time on the job than our current district attorney spent in 2015.

I want to create a problem-solving court for issues specific to veterans in our district. As a veteran of the United States Army, I understand what veterans go through after their service. We have heard talk of a restorative justice system, and cases of adult and juvenile diversion, but nothing has happened. We have been told that a veterans connect system has recently been drafted. However, in the past 3 1/2 years nothing has been done to help veterans. In addition to a veterans’ problem-solving court, I would like to expand the use of other problem-solving courts throughout the district. Judge Katherine T. Sullivan has done an excellent job in reducing recidivism through her problem-solving courts. I would use her courts as a model for the entire district.

My primary goal as your elected district attorney is to reduce recidivism throughout the district. I believe by spending more time on the root problem, we will see less crime in the future.

Bruce C. Carey

Candidate for district attorney

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