Vail Daily letter: Wolf, Spinks, Buckley for Avon |

Vail Daily letter: Wolf, Spinks, Buckley for Avon

I attended the Avon Candidate Forum on Monday and want to thank all the candidates for giving up their time to provide us with their thoughts. I found the forum very informative and if you didn’t get to attend you should take the time to watch it on so you can make an informed decision when you receive your ballot. Here is what I took away from the event. Amy Phillips supports spending money on the streetscape plan and wants to see a good parking plan in place before the ski season starts. Jake Wolf expressed his discontentment with the lack of transparency brought on by the town manager, Virginia Egger, and offered some solutions to change that. Peter Buckley had some good ideas and would provide some constructive criticism and balance to the Town Council. Trevor Spinks, who was raised in Eagle County, would provide a fresh outlook to the Town Council and is concerned with transportation and affordable housing. If you don’t think that Avon currently has a parking problem and you enjoyed the streetscape trial by the post office, then Jennie Fancher is your candidate.

Please watch it for yourself and make your own decision, but I’m going to vote for Jake Wolf, Trevor Spinks and Peter Buckley.

Angelo Loria


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