Vail Daily letter: Wonderful program |

Vail Daily letter: Wonderful program

In December of 2012, I lost my dear wife, Madeleine, to a nine-year struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. Even though I was so aware that the diagnosis was a death sentence and that her last breath was inevitable, I was surprised and dumbfounded at how ill-prepared I was for her passing. I found wonderful help in my mourning, sadness and just plain lost feelings with participation in the Grief Recovery Outreach Program run by lifetime local Celynn Kruger McClarrinon. I have known Celynn since she was 6 years old as well as the entire Kruger family. Celynn, now a certified grief recovery specialist, guided participants down a personal path toward recovery. Losses were treated individually and each participant’s process was guided, rather than led, down a path of deeper understanding of grief. It was a safe environment that fostered trust and compassion without judgment.

Through the process, I discovered the cumulative effects of loss and its effects in other areas of my life. It was a personally enriching program and I would encourage anyone looking for help moving through the mourning/grieving process, no matter what that experience might be, to sign up for this healing program. The next nine-week program begins Monday at the Edwards Interfaith Chapel from 6 to 8 p.m. The cost is $165. If you have questions, call Celynn at 970-569-7455.

John M. Perkins


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