Vail Daily letter: Workers owed more |

Vail Daily letter: Workers owed more

Butch Mazzuca, your recent commentary on minimum wage boils down to a pile of horse pucky.

If you can’t afford to pay your employees a decent living wage, you have no right to be in business or call yourself a businessman. Go teach skiing or grow some medical marijuana.

Even if the minimum wage goes to $15 per hour, after taxes a family would end up trying to live on approximately $400 per week. Sound appetizing to you?

Is flipping burgers and rolling shopping carts in from the parking lot in one of your esteemed entry level positions going to gain someone valuable knowledge and experience? How about changing sheets and cleaning toilets?

Like you said, F.W. Woolworth lived 100 years ago. That sounds like a story my grandfather might told me in the 1960s. More pucky!

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Seriously, Butch, do you honestly believe paying someone a decent living wage is charity? I sincerely hope not. Please stick with the light, frilly columns you’re so good at.

Jim Penny


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