Vail Daily letter: World-class quality |

Vail Daily letter: World-class quality

The Vail golf course has had another level of challenges this season, and both the golf and the maintenance staffs have really stepped up. For those of us who have been here since opening day, take a mental picture what it looked like.

The maintenance staff has stepped up and continues to do so in world-class fashion by meeting headlong the challenges: course performance, grounds disruptions and of course the effects of the erection of the new club house.

Likewise and to a greater extent is the golf staff’s handling of the past, present and continuing challenges: lack of locker room facilities, parking and bag service, a full golf shop and bag storage/club repair facilities. But during and through these and other challenges, there is a continuing bright light: the people.

Alice Plain continues to hire and counsel a set of professionals that match/surpass any course inside and outside this valley. Knowledge, attitude and charm/warmth personify each and all. Many a business in this valley should take note of Alice’s acumen in selecting the kind of people who make our municipal course perform like a private course.

For those who remember the old TV series “Cheers,” you may remember the lyrics of the opening song,. “where everybody knows your name” Even if someone does not know your name, we are all made to feel welcome.

World-class quality is an everyday focus! Congratulations, we appreciate you!

Phil Weinstein


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