Vail Daily letter: Wrong agency name |

Vail Daily letter: Wrong agency name

I am writing in response to your “Glenwood Canyon crash kills woman” article.

I am a paramedic for Eagle County Paramedic Services (formerly ECAD and WECAD). I was on shift that morning and saw the damage that the victims endured.

I would like you to know that Kelly Green, Scott Harmsen, Lauren Egan, Amelia Van Dyke and Jeff Leahy all contributed in saving the three surviving victims’ lives. Life-saving procedures were performed in the ambulances, and without them the outcomes could have been much more dire. The reason why I am telling you this is because you credit “Eagle Valley Rescue” in your article. There is no such thing as Eagle Valley Rescue.

I understand that you will not be able to recognize the individuals involved, but can you at least get the company name correct? My collegues would never need to have their names in the paper in order to feel that they performed amazing care. But out of principle, I think that our company name, at the very least, should be recognized appropriately.

Becky Cherry

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