Vail Daily letter: Wrong symbol |

Vail Daily letter: Wrong symbol

On May 22 you showed a picture with the Beaver Creek Ski Patrol. It should say: “Beaver Creek Swiss Ski Patrol”! They all are wearing our national Swiss flag!

How would it look if you put the American flag as a jacket for first aid? When are the Americans honoring our Swiss flag for what it is and not using it for first aid? First aid is a red cross with a white field! Why can’t the Ski Patrol reverse the white cross with a red cross in a white square field on their red jackets? I really think it’s time to use the proper marking for first aid and leave the Swiss flag alone!

Vail/Beaver Creek Marketing Department, you could be the first in Colorado to change it. It would be a nice start and maybe the rest of the nation could follow!

Please respect the Red Cross and the Swiss flag.

Rosie Burki

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