Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 3A, 3B |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 3A, 3B

On Sept. 25, the first annual GForce Adventure Race was held in Gypsum. The family of Garrett LaForce, a former teacher and coach at Eagle Valley High School who lost his life in 2014, organized the race. The race was an honor to Garrett, an avid athlete and habitual adventurer. More than 70 racers from all over the country were in Gypsum to pay homage to Garrett, and get bullied by a race course that incorporated creek crossings, log carrying, paintball guns and a lot of altitude.

Among many top athletes, the most impressive group of racers were the teachers from Eagle Valley High School. Prior to the start of the race, I had just assumed that this party of a dozen or so people were some of Garrett’s lifelong friends, in town to honor their buddy. There was an infectious enthusiasm about them; they brought energy and a true sense of camaraderie with them. It was when the students, who were posing for a picture with Principal Doan (the ultimate race warrior), started calling out for them to come get in the picture, I realized they were teachers at Eagle Valley High School. I was blown away that this clan of young teachers, many of who never knew Garrett, were there to race. It was obvious that this was exactly how they wanted to spend their Sunday; being outside on a gorgeous day in September, with brilliant bluebird skies, and perfect temperatures, being stellar community members, cheering on their students, and admiring their boss, our principal, who ran the 12-mile version of the race and absolutely killed it!

Each and every one of those teachers epitomized who Garrett was and what he meant to the culture of Eagle Valley High School and why it was so terribly tragic when we lost him. Yes, we need to upgrade our schools; yes, we need to keep our classrooms and curriculum relevant. We also we need to hang on to our young teachers. These are important and inspiring young people who long to live here and be part of our community and make a difference in our kids’ lives. I witnessed it firsthand that day. It made me prouder than ever to be an Eagle Valley High School Parent.

Please vote “yes” on 3A and 3B.

Jen Jewett

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