Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 3A and 3B |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 3A and 3B

My name is Owen Holleman and I am in fourth grade at Homestake Peak. I believe that 3A and 3B are very important for my teachers and school. First, my teachers. Mr. Zwiek is one of my favorite teachers. He is very smart about wars and science and makes us do fun experiments in class. He needs money for these supplies to help us learn. More money gives us more books, more better teachers, more field trips and more opportunities.

Second, we need to be educated because when we grow older we might do some big things. For example, one of us might become president of the United States, or a general of the Armed Forces or even a rocket scientist. There are many opportunities for us to become important in our country. But, if we don’t get a good education, we might not do those things.

Our generation will soon inhabit the world, and for our city and country to grow and expand, we need to have a good education. The economic purposes of 3A and 3B are very important to our community and generation. If we are going to be strong, we must be smart. So vote “yes” on 3A and 3B.

Thank you for reading this.

Owen Holleman


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