Vail Daily letter: Yes on 4A |

Vail Daily letter: Yes on 4A

The Gypsum Fire Protection District needs a “yes” vote to maintain general operating services for the large area that it covers.

It is normal that all of us feel that a fire will not happen on their property. Last year, I gained much respect for the Gypsum firefighters when a rental trailer I owned caught on fire. Most of the time when a trailer burns, it is a total loss. The quick response from the fire department saved much of the trailer and personal items that were inside. This same thing can happen to anyone at any time.

If this mill levy doesn’t pass,the services will be greatly reduced and all of this is due to the drop in assessed value of property taxes since 2010.

Please read the election material that you have received from the county clerk and recorder. It explains why this mill levy needs to pass.

Please vote “yes” on 4A.

Pete Nolan


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