Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 5A |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on 5A

The Eagle-Vail Parks Committee urges its neighbors to vote “yes” on 5A. Please go to the website, and the Eagle-Vail Community and Neighbors for the Future of Eagle-Vail Facebook pages to find out the real facts and figures associated with the 5A ballot issue.

The 5A ballot is so much more than just about replacing our old clubhouse and building a new golf clubhouse. The goal is a new “community” clubhouse, in a more central and logical place near Eagle-Vail’s other recreational and cultural facilities to create synergy and become a focal point and center for the community. The facility will serve as golf clubhouse, but also support all the other recreational uses in Pavilion Park. Parents and children using the playground, the pool, the park, community garden, and the park in general, will have a support place to go and stage from, in summer and winter. Instead of rebuilding a “one dimensional” traditional golf clubhouse up on the hill, our committee supports the new location for the clubhouse on the valley floor. It will receive greater use across seasons, and it will serve more users than just golfers during the golf season. Golf too will benefit, with greater exposure from being more centrally located and visible, and easier to get to. We believe a new community clubhouse will be a major positive change that will add significant value to Eagle-Vail and is a long-term benefit to residents and guests. Further, the 5A ballot includes improvements to the parks and new trails and amenities, which go hand in hand with the new clubhouse as part of the vision to enhance the community and provide the highest quality recreational and lifestyle experience for residents and guests.

We are one of several resident committees who have been working with the Eagle-Vail Board of Governors to plan for and help make improvements to our community. Our group has invested significant time over the past three years specifically to identify and plan improvements to our parks and playgrounds. A master plan for park improvements was adopted in 2013 with a phased plan for improvements to our parks and playgrounds. Our parks and playground were established over 25 years ago. They are major community assets that have aged, are tired and now in need of replacement and upgrade. As a result of our efforts initial improvements were made to West Park in 2014. Subsequently, this summer with the help of a community grant from Eagle County the Pavilion Park playground was replaced and the first phase of a new playground was built. Likewise, in partnership with the Cycle Effect, a new bicycle pump track was built at the far east end of pavilion park near the “beach” at the Pavilion Pond. These park elements work together with Eagle-Vail’s Pavilion and Community Pool, the Community Garden and the tennis courts as part of a bigger whole. This past summer Pavilion Park was full of life with families using the amenities. There is a new community energy and dynamic emerging based upon the activity surrounding these mixes of uses. Collectively these improvements are a visible sign and clear indication of the strength and potential of Eagle-Vail as a recreational-based destination and community.

5A is an investment that will enhance the value and appeal of our community into the future. It is a forward-looking plan that has been carefully debated for many months leading to up this vote. Our boards and the other resident committees have done their homework and have put forth enormous planning, research, deliberation and discussion for years leading up to this point. There have been numerous opportunities to participate and become involved in this effort. This is a well hatched plan and the time has come to move forward and make the long needed improvements. 5A opponents are looking out strictly for themselves and only point to the numbers. It is clear they do not support the necessary investment in our community to make it better a place into the future. With this conservative “do nothing” mindset, Eagle-Vail will continue to age and deteriorate, our property values will decrease and we will not be a desirable place to live. Please vote “yes” on 5A and help us keep Eagle-Vail one of the best communities in Eagle County, for everyone who lives and owns property here.

Joe and Mary Blair, Kari Corbin, James and Kyle Deighan, Josiah Middaugh, Gretchen and Morris Hatley, Ginny Snowdon and Pedro and Geralyn Campos

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