Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Amendment 66 |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Amendment 66

Why do Eagle County Schools need revenue from Amendment 66?

State government in Colorado is unique. We function differently than every other state in the union. In all other states, elected representatives can raise tax revenues. In Colorado, our legislators cannot; they merely allocate how to spend tax revenues approved by voters. In Colorado the voter is directly in charge of how much tax the state can collect. By the design of our Constitution, great Colorado schools begin with our voters. By law, education funding cannot happen from the top down. Your vote directly determines the resources on critical topics that impact education quality and student achievement.

Because public schools are systemically underfunded by our state, Amendment 66 will undo years of state cuts, provide money for unfunded state mandates, direct more resources toward the costs to educate a child, and allow more local control.

The Colorado Department of Education has created some of the most ambitious education reforms in the country. We have set new standards for our students. We have established performance and accountability criteria for all of our schools and districts. The Teacher Effectiveness bill launched the strongest teacher accountability system in the nation. Yet, all of these mandates were passed without funding.

If Amendment 66 passes, Eagle County Schools are projected to receive $4.3 million in additional revenue that will provide more resources and options for students. More teacher positions, better technology support, and more funding for critical programs like full-day kindergarten, gifted and talented, English language learners, and pre-school for at risk children. You should have received your ballot in the mail. Please join us in voting “yes” on Amendment 66.

Education Foundation of Eagle County

The VVF Youth Foundation

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