Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Amendment 66 |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Amendment 66

Thirty-six cents a day. That is less than the cost of a postage stamp. That is what it will cost most taxpayers to approve our first state income tax increase in nearly 20 years.

Have you been listening to what has been happening in the schools in the past few years? Programs being revamped to meet ever more demanding federal education standards. Good teachers being let go because schools cannot afford to employ them. Gym, arts, music shrinking or disappearing, leading to teachers losing health benefits.

Yes, schools have learned to be amazing with the little money they have. They have even excelled in some places. For example, Eagle Valley High School caught the attention of Bill Gates for its excellence in education.

Just think of what could be accomplished if our schools were funded properly. Gifted and talented kids could receive the education they deserve rather than remain at large in the classroom, which in turn would allow teachers to be more effective teachers. At-risk kids would virtually disappear. Parents could worry a little less about coming up with the $250 a month when their kid enters kindergarten and just be moms and dads. Amendment 66 will fund our schools to do so much more for our kids, our community, and our teachers.

America has fallen behind other countries with respect to education. We can all point fingers at what the problem is, or we can step up and do something. Vote “yes” for Amendment 66. Don’t worry, we will still have one of the lowest state taxes in the country. We have a responsibility to our community to do right by our kids.

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Tammy Rodell


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