Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Ballot Issue 1 |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Ballot Issue 1

I fully support and urge all town of Eagle voters to approve Ballot Issue 1.

Eagle’s River Corridor Plan is much needed and more than just a water park. It transforms the existing dirt parking lot into a community amenity, it improves fish passage and wildlife habitat, and it stabilizes and repairs the erosion of the riverbanks. It also provides river access points for recreation purposes, it improves downstream passage for our river users, and it creates a larger buffer between the parking lot and the river that filters the runoff contamination. Possibly the most exciting transformation is that the plan creates a well-crafted and attractive gateway into the town of Eagle and the Eagle County Fairgrounds.

The community has identified the River Corridor Plan as a priority implementation action item for the town of Eagle. All financing options were extensively debated, reviewed and researched. The sales tax revenue resource is the best option to execute the needed project now, or risk delay of any project commencement for many years to come. Of note, once the town of Eagle demonstrates its own investment in the project, the opportunity for additional funding via grants becomes very real.

The financial impact to the residents of Eagle is minimal; the cost is estimated at $4.58 per household per month. The reality is that non-Eagle residents drive 60 percent of the town’s sales tax revenues, thus a significant portion of the revenue generation will come from non-Eagle residents.

It’s difficult to measure all the positive economic impacts that a river park delivers, but if we listen to our fellow Coloradoans that have implemented river park initiatives (Salida, Buena Vista and Golden) they measure their positive economic impacts in the millions of dollars.

I commend the town of Eagle staff and the community for its vision, perseverance and dedication for making every effort to turn Eagle into the best mountain community in Colorado.

Visit for more. Let’s energize Eagle and invest in our future — vote “yes” on 1.

Clark Gundlach

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