Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Skier Building |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Skier Building

The town of Avon has considered different locations for the Town Hall. Swift Gulch and Lot 5 Traer Creek were both considered, but it was decided that Town Hall needs to stay in the core of Avon. Relocating Town Hall to the Skier Building keeps Town Hall where business is being conducted. Town Hall at the Skier Building will be walking distance to banks, the post office and many businesses.

The town of Avon owns the existing fire station, parking lots, log cabin and Town Hall. These properties together total over 2 acres. Lake Street runs between the fire station and Town Hall. The opportunities for this large piece of land are many. A parking structure, convention center, increased park space are all possible. I envision Lake Street running into underground parking on both sides and continuing on. This new structured parking would be similar distance from the gondola as the Village and Lionshead parking structures are from the lifts. Above the parking, an event center like Donovan Park or Brush Creek Pavilion can be built. Working with a developer, the town can acquire funds for parking in exchange for land for a small lodge. Any sale of town property will require a vote of the people. The final use of the land will take many community meetings to determine. There will be numerous open houses to get input from the public.

The purchase price of $3.2 million with $2.6 million estimated for remodeling is reasonable. There is no other land or commercial building available currently in the core of Avon. We could not buy the land and build a new building for the same cost.

If the town were to remodel or rebuild the existing Town Hall, nearly the same amount of money would be spent as to purchase and remodel the Skier Building. This would be a mistake. Very little would be gained. The opportunity for parking, expanded park, and indoor event center would be lost.

Purchasing the Skier Building with certificates of participation require no new taxes.

Please vote “yes” on the Jan. 20 special election to authorize the town of Avon to use certificates of participation to acquire the Skier Building.

Dave Dantas

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